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Infusing Respect, Peace and Unity
within our Lives, Homes, Schools
and Community

My creation of “The Rabbi Without Walls” concept was inspired by a 19th century Rabbi who said (as he surveyed the growing trends of German Jewry of the shift of Judaism moving from that of the home to the synagogue) that the best thing that can happen to the Jewish people is if they shut down their synagogues for a year. The Rabbi had noticed that this trend was shifting Judaism from being played out in people’s lives and their homes, to that of a more superficial relationship to Judaism in the synagogue as if religion is a thing I do on the weekends at a specific place.

“One Heart” workshops were inspired by the life of Shoshana Stern who passed away on April 14, 2013, the 12 year old daughter of Rabbi Michael & Denise Stern. Shoshie was exceptional at seeing people for who they were despite what school they went to, how pretty or popular they were or their level of religious observance. Shoshie had a gift to make everyone feel accepted, included and beloved.

"Wellbeing" or also called “The Three Principles” of mind, consciousness and thought is an understanding of: how we experience life all together, the active role we play in how we create our own experiences of life.

Let’s go “Green” with our Speech!“Our Words Matter” - Take Responsibility of your words with “Green” Speech! Make positive statements and not derogatory ones.

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