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Infusing Respect, Peace and Unity
within our Lives, Homes, Schools
and Community


1 Heart

“One Heart” Workshops
Character Development workshops for children 6th -12th grade
Tools to increase: Respect, Peace and Unity throughout our schools

Experiential Workshops

Our children already possess: positive attitudes, sterling character and enormous wisdom deep in the inner recesses of their hearts and soul. More often than not, our children are unaware of their own reservoir of unique and precious gifts. It takes the right moment and environment for our children to have an opportunity to explore and discover their own hidden treasures.

“One Heart” - Workshops

We offer 8 individual -45 minute experiential workshops, geared to engender greater; respect, peace and unity within our classrooms. The workshops include: animated snippets of ideas, facilitated discussion questions and opportunities for reflection; to awaken the truths that our children already know and actualize their potential in these areas. Please see more information about these workshops and how you can bring them to your school.

Rabbi Michael Stern

Rabbi Mike has had over 25 years of experience as a gifted Jewish educator, speaker, trainer and workshop facilitator. He has worked extensively with families, schools, organizations and with children of all ages. Rabbi Mike has worked as: an educational consultant for the Jewish Community Centers of N.A, as a Founder/Educational Director of: Aish HaTorah Philadelphia, Judaism Without Walls of Milwaukee Kollel and the Levis Jewish Community Center in Boca Raton and as a Management Consultant for Roy Walters & Associates.

More Information

Cost per workshop varies between $75 - $125 plus travel expenses and workshop materials. One Heart raises scholarship funds in order to keep the costs of the workshops affordable, please inquire. Teacher training and Community talks are available for each of the key workshop objectives. . For more info, e-mail

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Light in the Darkest Place - Rabbi Mike Stern
at the Aish Center, Tisha B'Av 2013

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