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Rabbi Mike Stern
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The “3 Week & Tish B av – Mourning – Dealing with Tragedy

1. “Finding Light Amidst the Darkness – How to find light and even joy within the horrifying darkness? Lessons from the life and passing of Shoshie Stern a’h that help us to understand the “3 Weeks” & Tish b Av.

2. Responding to a Community Tragedy: Motivating us to move forward!
How do we move forward when we are reeling from tragedy, gripped with paralysis and flooded by unanswerable questions?

3. Gods Concealment: Why our lives and the World are so messed up?
How do we reconcile why so many of us have extremely difficult personal challenges and what are the pearls of opportunities that lay within them?

Inspiring lessons – From the Petira of Shoshie Stern a’h

1. When the Ordinary becomes the Extraordinary
The subsequent reaction after Shoshie’s Petira about who Shoshie Stern was in her life time far exceeded what we as her parents understood and saw. Do we really know who we are married to and who our children are? How to truly see each other for who we truly are and cherish each other’s greatness; that is already there!

2. Living with Joy – Moment to Moment
Who doesn’t want to do this? Is there a way we can do it more? Rabbi Mike and his wife Denise experienced a tragic loss of immense proportions. In the following talk, Rabbi Mike will share his insights as to how to experience more joy, moment to moment despite; loss, illness and mortality.

“One Heart” – Creating the World we want to live in!

1. Jewish Unity: -Nothing is more painful than when our kids fight – Although it doesn’t impede our love for them, fighting makes it much harder to give all the gifts that we want to shower them with. We are Hashem’s children. He hates our fighting with each other. Let us break down the barriers that prevent the Almighty from giving us everything he wants to and erase the illness, pain and suffering in all of our lives.

2. When Love is all There is – “Love makes the world go around” –literally! Once we understand “love” –we will understand why it is not only the goal of living but the only reality that exists. Once we align ourselves with “love is all there is” – our individual and collective health will gravitate towards creating our homes, schools and communities with peace, love and brotherhood.

3. “Jewish Spirituality - “Is there such a thing? Don’t I have to go to the Himalayas? Let’s explore; what spirituality is and how “Jewish” spirituality differs than all the spiritualities of the world. We will see how Judaism’s structure of Mitzvoth and the refinement of our characters are necessary pre-requisites to finding long term and long lasting spirituality. Spirituality is more than a mere merging with the transcendental, it is becoming the transcendental!

“Green” Speech –Our Words Matter

1. “Green” Speech not “Mean” Speech – The escalating and untenable psychological, social and financial costs of gossip and negative, derogatory and harmful words within our homes, schools and workplace. The role that technology –social media s playing in escalating an explosion of these words and its devastating effects .And the case for adopting “Green” Speech- Principles of Ethical Speech.

2. “The Ten Habits of “Green” Speech – A basic overview of Judaism’s timeless - principles of ethical speech. Topics include: What if he is really ugly, can’t I say that? Is there such a thing as Kosher Gossip? If so, when? The top ten “it sounds good” excuses that people justify gossip but they aren’t, sticks and stones may break my bones but words may never harm me? And please tell me that saying a joke at another’s expense is still okay.

3. Judaism’s Most Important Mitzvah in our Time - The Torah’s compelling view that Shemiras Haloshon (“Green” Speech) is inescapably the most essential and important Mitzvah in our time to build a world of our dreams. One of love, peace and unity throughout our lives, relationships, schools and community.

4. How to Stop Gossip – Understanding our addiction to gossip and negative, derogatory, harmful and damaging words. Moving beyond principles, guidelines and policy by creating a lasting inner change of awareness and attitude in how we use our words and speech.

5. Kosher Gossip – I need to know, this could come in handy! When is it okay for me to speak: harmful, derogatory and damaging gossip? Surely there are times when not only is it permitted but a Mitzvah! Let’s spend an evening are relieve ourselves consciousness.

Well Being

10 Ways to deal with worrisome, low quality and dark, tragic thoughts
Some people experience joyful lives within horrible circumstances – What is their secret?
This talk will cover the following questions.
Are my thoughts me? No! I am not my thoughts.
How real are thoughts all together? Where do they come from?
How much does joy in my life depend upon my circumstances?
How can I feel joy when my life circumstances are horrible?
What are the things that distort how I am seeing the world around me?
How do I know when to trust my thoughts?
How to see thoughts for what they are, thoughts!
How do I get out of the way and find a good place to dwell?

Relationships – Marriage & Dating

Chemistry, Connection and Intimacy –Developing these states of being in our relationships are proving to be more elusive than ever despite increased ways for us to be in touch. We are craving chemistry, connection and intimacy. How do I do it? How do I interact in away with a prospective mate or your spouse on a level that breeds; connection, closeness and love?

Why should I get married or why did I Get Married? - A refresher on the purpose of marriage and life all together. Marriage is a complicated; it takes the right frame of mind and commitment to maximize your happiness together.

Be the Prospective Mate your Spouse is or was looking for!–What is really the bottom line of what will make my spouse happy? A Rabbi of mine said “If it’s important to you it is important to me”

Cupid is Stupid! The 10 Surefire ways to marry the right person – There is a %50 divorce rate in this country. It is questionable just how happy the other half is. What are the essential things I should be looking for? What are the illusions that we are keep falling for? Develop the lens that will make your choice a success.

The 10 Surefire ways to Sabotage my Marriage - Sometimes, we unwittingly, subconsciously, don’t do the things necessary to make our spouses feel valued and strong. Keep your eye on the ball.

The “1 Habit “of Highly Successful Relationships – How can we develop love, connection & intimacy! Nothing could be more simple but more elusive. How many of us truly feel loved for who we are? Discover a paradigm, language and understanding that will increase love and happiness in your marriage.

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