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Just4You Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program
For Boys & Girls, Ages 8-18
A Project of Rabbi Without Walls

Just 4 “You” Hebrew School Rabbi Without Walls offers your child a Bar/Bat Mitzvah program - one child at a time. We teach all types of children, including those who don’t fit into a traditional box. Just 4 “You” Rabbis, teachers and mentors are available in person or over the phone through Skype anywhere in North America.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All We live in a consumer-driven society, accustomed to getting exactly what we want, when we want and how we want it. Why not be able to get that in a Bar/Bat Mitzvah program? We offer your child a completely: personalized, customized and uniquely designed Bar/Bat Mitzvah program.

Getting to Know Your Child Just 4 “You” will design a program in consultation with you that takes into consideration your child’s unique background, interests, personality, religious observance, challenges and special needs. We have the ability to offer a completely customized approach to help your child on his or her personal journey.

Program Goals Just 4 “You” in general is focused on: helping to inspire your child with a love of Judaism, greatly increase their Jewish pride and identity and deepen; their connection to the land of Israel and a sense of belonging to the Jewish people. Your child will make quantum leaps in self awareness and refinement of character as they integrate Judaism’s timeless wisdom into everyday thoughts, speech and behavior.

Modeling & Mentorship The right role model will greatly impact your child’s learning. Our rabbis and mentors embody a deep knowledge and love for Judaism as well as know how to develop a rapport, build trust and connect with young people in a caring way. We are able to match your child is with a mentor that shares the same background, interests and talents.

Designing a program - Just 4 “You” A Just 4 “You” program offers many disciplines of modern teaching techniques. Learning can incorporate any or all of the following: social interactions, personal relationships, conversation, stories, media, technology, hands–on interactive activities as well as all types of traditional Jewish learning and experiences.

The Bottom Line The menu below offers various types of Jewish educational and experiential opportunities such as: Starter courses, Side dishes, Main courses (Columns A & B) and Desserts. Let’s meet and discuss which categories to choose from, in the right mix and measure in order to customize a uniquely designed program just for your child that will meet your educational goals. Just like a restaurant menu you only order what you want and need.

Costs The Just 4 “You” Bar/Bat Mitzvah program is a highly labor intensive approach which consists of: one on one study, a customized design approach and intensive logistics. The costs therefore are equivalent to a multi- year Hebrew school program with annual synagogue membership dues. A typical 1-year program is between 12-36 sessions costing $2,000 - $6,000. Limited scholarship money is available, please inquire. Please look further and see a few samples of past Bar/Bat Mitzvah programs, speeches and testimonials, you will find that our program is more effective and beyond compare.


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