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Infusing Respect, Peace and Unity
within our Lives, Homes, Schools
and Community


What is "Green" Speech

Green Speech….
“Our Words Matter- Speak Responsibly.

Being “Green”!

Recycling, driving a hybrid car, reducing waste and shopping local produce are all ways we reduce the toxins & pollutants in our environment and help save the planet. Why not remove the toxins & pollutants from our speech as well? Protecting our well-being, relationships, families and communities from derogatory and negative words & speech and gossip can be just as beneficial as helping our physical environment.

How do we do that?

Let’s go “Green” with our Speech! – “Our Words Matter” - Take Responsibility of your words with “Green” Speech! Make positive statements and not derogatory ones. Don’t make jokes at someone else’s expense. Don’t speak negatively. Avoid gossip and stereotypes. Give others the benefit of the doubt. Use kind and supportive words with your spouse and family.

Green Speech Mission

Protect our Self-Esteem, increase, respect, tolerance and love in all of our relationships, homes, schools and businesses resulting in greater peace, harmony and civility throughout our community.

Green Speech Strategy

Create a movement of spreading the principles of Green Speech; – Judaism’s time –tested principles of Ethical Speech; throughout our lives, homes, schools and community by promoting the 1) awareness, 2) value, 3) study and 4) practice of positive words & speech and reduce negative, harmful and derogatory words, gossip and verbal abuse hat cause pain, anguish and suffering

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Light in the Darkest Place - Rabbi Mike Stern
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