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I'm Your Rabbi

Full Service Judaism – Judaism a la Carte
No Dues, No membership, No Building fund

Do you have a synagogue? Do you have a Rabbi? If not, “I’m your Rabbi” - Judaism a la carte – pay as you go. Please look below and see all the services we provide.

Shabbat & High Holiday Services
Friday Night Carlebach

Finally a service that speaks to your Soul no matter what age or Jewish background!! This service is unique in that everyone sings together, much of the time from transliterated prayer books. It will be a time and a place for you to breathe deeply-a spa for your mind. Try it!

Explanatory Shabbat Service
Our lively and engaging explanatory Shabbat Services is replete with meaning, melody & humor. No Hebrew Necessary. Services are in a warm, inviting atmosphere, spirituality based with a practical contemporary message.

High Holidays
Enjoy our affordable, user friendly and interactive High Holiday service that is: engaging, meaningful, uplifting and enjoyable. This program offers a traditional service in an “out of the box” way. In addition, it is down to earth and growth oriented. Questions welcomed.

Just 4 “You” Bar/Bat Mitzvah Program
Below is a brief synopsis of the program. Please see our separate and complete menu for the Bar/Bat Mitzvah program on the website. Just 4 “You” Rabbis, teachers and mentors are available in person, over the phone or through Skype anywhere in North America

One size doesn’t fit all
We offer your child a completely; personalized, customized and uniquely designed, Bar/Bat Mitzvah program. In consultation with you, we will design a program that takes into consideration your child’s unique background, interests, personality, religious observance, challenges and special needs.

We will inspire your child with a love of Judaism, greatly increase their Jewish pride and deepen their connection to being Jewish. Your child will make quantum leaps in self awareness and refinement of character as they integrate Judaism’s timeless wisdom into everyday thoughts, speech and behavior.

How do we do it?
We offer many disciplines of modern teaching techniques. Learning can incorporate any or all of the following: social interaction, a personal relationship, conversation, stories, media, technology, hands–on interactive activities as well as all types of traditional Jewish learning and experiences.

Life Cycle Events
Rabbi Without Walls provides unparalleled sensitivity and experience at the time of your greatest need. We ensure that your life cycle event meets your family’s; expectations, needs and goals.

Enjoy with your friends and family in the comfort of your home. Rabbi Mike creates a warm and down to earth environment; while providing an interactive, explanatory and well-thought out service, tailored just for your family. Please e-mail us for a sample service.

Rabbi Mike is able to help you through the entire process from wedding planning, pre-marital counseling to the Ketubah, the service itself and beyond. A typical process includes 5 meetings and allows us the time to create a jubilant celebration –together.

Sensitivity at the time of your greatest need, Rabbi Mike will help you make the funeral or memorial service to be done in the most honorable and dignified way. Jewish funerals enable us to; show our respect, celebrate the life of the deceased as well provide comfort the living.

It is customary to place a headstone, gravestone or marker at the burial spot of a loved one. Rabbi Mike will help you work out all the details and help make the ceremony meaningful, dignified and one that honors the deceased in the most dignified way.

Kindness for the Sick
What can you do to help someone who is sick, recovering from an illness or undergoing a procedure?

Words Heal -Prayers
A “Mi –Sheh-bay-rach” is a prayer that requests a complete and speedy recovery on behalf of an individual who is sick, recovering from an illness or undergoing a procedure. Please send me their Hebrew name, mother’s Hebrew name and if not, their English names.

Words Heal- Study
We will arrange daily Torah study for the person who is sick/ill through our “Words Heal” program. In addition to accruing merit for the person who is ill, Torah study has a direct and immediate impact upon enriching the life of the person who is studying.

Giving Heals: Tzedakah
Donate a charitable contribution to Rabbi Without Walls (501C3) on behalf of the person who is sick/ill that they should be blessed with a complete and speedy recovery. A personalized card will be sent to them acknowledging your gift.

Love Heals: Caring
We will arrange a weekly call or visit or even deliver a Challah or chicken soup.

Honor the Deceased
What can you do to honor the deceased?

Yizkor – (Yom Kippur, Shemini Atzeret, Shavuot, Passover)
Have Yizkor said on behalf of your beloved or join us for a traditional “Yizkor” service done in a new and refreshing way. Rabbi Mike explains; why we do Yizkor, how it is helpful, while some people will share a memory or story that highlights a noble character trait.

If you are not personally able to, we can arrange for some or all of the following to be done on the Yahrzeit date of your beloved: Light a Yahrzeit candle, Mourners Kadish, Visit the grave, say prayers with an organized Minyan or Study Torah on their behalf.

We can arrange for someone to say Mourner’s Kadish daily for your beloved all year.

Give Tzedakah
Donate a charitable contribution to Rabbi Without Walls (501C3) in the merit of your beloved that their Neshama (soul) should be blessed with a heavenly ascent with no limit.

Family Torah Study & Jewish Experiences
Please see our separate and complete menu of opportunities on our website.

Impact your Child
What better way to demonstrate the importance of Judaism than by direct parent involvement? We all have those feelings, ideas and values of our Jewish heritage that we would like to be part of our children’s hard drive. The best way is to experience Torah learning and Jewish experiences together.

Torah Study & Jewish Experiences
We offer a variety of ways for a family to participate all together from: light and enjoyable activities such as; story time, Pizza, videos and Chillin to facilitated family discussions, Torah study and Jewish experiences such as Shabbat dinner, Challah baking and Israel trips.

Individual Study
We offer a variety of study opportunities in the form of private 3-meeting mini courses. Below is a sample. Please see our separate and complete menu of opportunities on our website

Feeding Your Life
Life skills, character and ethical development and personal development and growth

Feeding Your Soul
Spiritual Development and a Relationship with God

Finding Your Mate
Why Get Married – What to look for? Marry the right person, Love vs. Infatuation, The #1 habit of highly successful relationships and how to develop chemistry, connection & Intimacy.

Feeding Your Marriage
Why Get Married – Be the Prospective Mate your Spouse was looking for – The 10 Sure-fire ways to sabotage your Marriage – The #1 habit of highly successful relationships – Develop greater intimacy.

Feeding Your Judaism
Read Hebrew and study the Bible, the basics of Judaism and Jewish philosophy.

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