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Innate Health & Well Being

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We all have intrinsic innate health and well being; right now, within us,
without compromise. Experience more: calm – peace of mind-contentment
clarity –wholeness –security – connection to one’s self and resiliency. It is
immediately more accessible, but how? Our minds are filled with a lot of clutter!

Our Understanding helps you to Discover:   
How our mind works altogether and the nature of thought.
Where do thoughts come from? How real are our thoughts?
How and when to trust our thoughts?
What influences and impacts the quality of our thoughts?
How to deal with unwanted thoughts; clutter, drama and compulsion?
How to deal with feelings of worry, anxiety and stress?
What is the connection between your thoughts and your feelings?
What exactly is our role in what and how we experience in life altogether?
How to recognize our own illusions?

Our Approach  
This understanding helps to point you in the direction of experiencing your own
intrinsic, innate health and well-being. Once you experience it and discover it for
yourself, you’ll be access it more often to the point of wanting to dwell there. This  
approach offers us an opportunity to attain greater happiness, enjoyment of life
and will help to make us better; spouses, parents, employees and employers. This
approach is: not long-term, affordable and seems to be more effective in a shorter
period of time than more traditional methods.    

My Counseling Experience and Training
Rabbi Michael Stern has been involved with counseling and coaching individuals
for over 20 years. Please see a sample of testimonials. More recently, Rabbi Mike has embraced
a specific approach based upon his involvement and training over the past 6 years with
well-being, innate health and Jewish organizations such as: The Twerski Wellness Institute, The One Thought Institute and the Yashar Foundation, all of whom at some level touch upon or teach; the 3 principles of Innate Health; thought, mind and consciousness.  


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Light in the Darkest Place - Rabbi Mike Stern
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