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Why Rabbi Without Walls

Today’s Opportunity
In addition to hundreds of thousands of unaffiliated Jews who aren’t so knowledgeable and don’t have as much of a Jewish background, there is another and equally significant trend that presents even a greater challenge to traditional Jewish community and its traditional structures. In today’s world, the unaffiliated are just as likely to be knowledgeable, have a Jewish background and are interested in being a part of the Jewish people. Unfortunately, many people do not feel that they can find the right places to connect participate and grow in their Judaism with their current alternatives.

Post Denominational
Today’s marketplace is wide open. People are searching for various alternatives that meet their needs. Many Jews today no longer identify with any specific movement but consider themselves as “post denominational”. They are open and looking for whatever works best for them. Increasingly, younger generations are not joining or participating in the same traditional Jewish structures like their parents did. They don’t even live by them. Many people are “free agents” and do not have any history or connection to these new local options. Often, on the surface, these options seem to be cost prohibitive and don’t necessarily speak to them. Lastly, we live in a consumer society that caters to people to get what they want, when they want it and how it is delivered to them. People today are looking for everything to be personal and customized in meeting their needs. Connecting to and growing in Judaism has become a complicated enterprise.

Levis JCC High Holidays-what's with the apple?

Many Jews today are seeking one or more of the following:

1) A lower cost alternative than membership in a synagogue to engage with a Rabbi or participate in a program that meets their needs,

2) Judaism that is warmer, more personal, relevant and inspiring than what they have experienced

3) Judaism that is more assessable and customized to their needs, challenges, life situation and pocketbook

4) Judaism that is more effective in significantly increasing a love of: being Jewish, Judaism and the Jewish people

5) And if you want, a Rabbi involved with you and your family’s life; knows you, is your friend, invites you over for coffee and Shabbat dinner, someone you connect to, provides good modeling for the family and someone you want get together with for their wisdom, guidance and advice.

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