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Rabbi Mike Stern

Who is Mike Stern

The following words can give you a quick idea of who is Mike Stern, where has he come from, what has he and his wife, Denise done and what he is about today.


Long Island, Santa Claus, Christmas Trees, Basketball, Strato-Matic, Country Club, Hewlett High School, Long Island New York, Basketball team, Yankees, Knicks, Giants and Rangers, University of Maryland, Fun, Organizational Development, Semester in London, Back-packed Europe, Work in N.J, live in Manhattan, Consulting firm-for 7 years- help other companies with productivity through job design and organizational structure, role –marketing, training workshops, interviews and recommendations, At age 29 years of age, studied in Israel at Aish HaTorah for 7 years, got married, had 2 children, received Rabbinic ordination from Avraham Kupschitz, Jerusalem

Outreach Experience - Organizations

Founder & Educational Director for Aish Philadelphia – 1995 -2003
Founder & Director of Rabbi Without Walls – 2004
Founder & Director of Judaism Without Walls –Milwaukee Kollel-Rabbi Twerski 2005-2009
Educational Consultant – Jewish Community Centers, New York – 2006-2008
Founder & Director of Judaism Without Walls – Levis JCC in Boca Raton, Fl -2010-2012
Founder & Director of Rabbi Without Walls – Across the country – based in Boca

Outreach Experience - Roles

Mike has successfully been involved with children of all ages, individuals, families, schools and organizations for the past 25 years as a Educational Rabbi, business developer, entrepreneur, community builder, educational consultant, life coach and as a individual, marriage and spiritual counselor. Mike is able to share relevant, inspired wisdom for living, friendship - role modeling and Jewish experiences to literally help transform one’s life for the better. Through Judaism, Mike is able to inspire a person to make significant changes in thought, speech and behavior to help them reach their potential for happiness and success.

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Light in the Darkest Place - Rabbi Mike Stern
at the Aish Center, Tisha B'Av 2013

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