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Rabbi Without Walls - Welcome

Welcome to Rabbi Without Walls

The easiest way to begin to know what we offer and how to navigate our Website is to read this concise guide as to: who we are and what we do.

Rabbi Without Walls is a dynamic educational organization with several businesses that all together serve: individuals, families, schools and organizations.

Rabbi Without Walls’s genius lays in its innovative ability; to draws its inspiration and teachings from Judaism’s ancient 3,500 year old wisdom and package and present them in an up-to-date, out of the box and modern idiom that speaks to today’s audience.

Rabbi Without Walls was created and developed by Rabbi Michael Stern. Rabbi Mike has successfully been involved with children of all ages, individuals, families, schools and organizations for the past 25 years as an: Educator, Rabbi, entrepreneur, business developer, community builder, educational (management) consultant, trainer, and spiritual counselor. Many testimonials can be found on the website in all these areas.

Rabbi Mike’s employment background includes: Founder & Educational Director of: Aish HaTorah Philadelphia, Judaism Without Walls, both for the Milwaukee Kollel (Rabbi Michel Twerski), and the Levis JCC in Boca Raton, Fl, an Educational Consultant for the National Jewish Community Centers of New York and lastly Founder of Rabbi Without Walls – Across the country – as of right now, based in Boca.

Rabbi Without Walls’ various divisions and programs collectively reflect and demonstrate a 3-pronged approach committed to the goals of:

1. Helping to maximize a person’s intrinsic, innate well-being, peace of mind and personal     potential
2. Helping to increase: tolerance, respect, peace & unity throughout our schools,     organizations and community.
3. Offering full service Judaism in a revolutionary – a la carte, pay as you go way, for     individuals and families, anywhere in the States with no membership, dues or building     fund.

A concise guide to our website - “Rabbi Without Walls”

Each of the following can be found on our website as a separate business unit and niche that serves its own unique customer base.

Well Being – The state of being; calm, secure, content and whole. Private counseling and workshops – We teach a unique, multi-discipline approach that combines teachings from: Judaism, Innate Health –The 3 principles of mind, thought and consciousness, Rabbi Yaacov Deyo of The Yashar Institute and Eckhart Tolle, the author of “The Power of Now” to help a person maximize their own intrinsic, innate health, wellbeing, peace of mind and personal potential.

“One-Heart”-Workshops were created to honor the memory of Shoshie Stern a ‘h. We offer 8 individual-45 minute, character development workshops, inspired by the life of Shoshie Stern, for schools with children 6th-12th grades. These workshops provide children with insight, understanding and tools and all together create a road-map to increase; tolerance, respect, peace and unity throughout our classrooms and schools.

“Green” Speech – (Shemiras HaLoshon) – “Green” Speech is a movement to promote the awareness, value, study and practice of; positive, encouraging, healing and loving words and speech and minimize; negative, harmful and derogatory words and speech and gossip. Our mission is to spread “Green” Speech in order to increase tolerance, respect, peace and unity in our schools, organizations and communities. Go “Green” and take ethical responsibility for the words we say!

“Words Heal” – Do you know someone who is sick or ill? Do a kindness for them! Send us their name and we will have someone study for them on their behalf, so that they should merit having a complete and speedy recovery. Jewish tradition teaches us that Torah study is one of unique ways to positively impact another in a significant way even if: you don’t know the person, they don’t know what you did for them or they have passed away. The chosen area of Torah study is “Green” Speech.

“I’m Your Rabbi” – Rabbi Without Walls offers affordable, full service Judaism, in a revolutionary, a la carte-pay as you go way, anywhere in the Country without membership, dues or building fund. We offer many unique products and services in an out of the box, refreshing way that speaks to today’s marketplace. “Without walls” means that it is not about the Rabbi, synagogue or program, it is about you. Our approach is warm, innovative and inspiring.

- High Holiday Services – Friday Night “Carlebach” Services
- Bar/Bat Mitzvahs – Completely customized and personalized
- Life Cycle Events
- Someone Sick? – Prayers, Study and Charity on behalf of the individual
- Honor the Deceased – Prayers, Study and Charity on behalf of individual
- Torah Study menus & Jewish experiences for Individuals and Families.

Hire Rabbi Mike – Talks – Workshops and Counselor – Many testimonials are found throughout the website including a few videos that show how Rabbi Mike is an inspiring and effective educator for the entire community.

Watch Our Video
Light in the Darkest Place - Rabbi Mike Stern
at the Aish Center, Tisha B'Av 2013

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