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Rabbi Without Walls - Testimonials

Jewish Family Learning & Jewish Experiences with
Rabbi Without Walls

We are so grateful for the Jewish education we are learning with Rabbi Mike Stern. He has visited our home regularly to engage us and our three children in our quest for finding meaning and tradition within Judaism. Rabbi Mike comes to us as part of the Rabbi Without Walls Outreach Program and it has been truly an inspiring experience. We have always celebrated Shabbat as a family. We would say the three prayers over the candles, wine and bread and that was about it. Some weeks we skipped it altogether. With Rabbi Mike, we have learned about the meaning of Shabbat. We all understand more now about the reasons for the different prayers we say. We use English or Hebrew to read the prayers. We have incorporated moments of silence as we bring in the Sabbath and are using more prayers including the washing of the hands and the blessings over the children. This last blessing is my personal favorite as we see the beaming faces of our children with their bright and gleaming eyes peering deep into ours as we deliver the blessing with our own personal words. Shabbat has become a meaningful experience for all of us. We are still learning and practicing and looking forward to our weekly Shabbat celebration more than ever, all five of us!
Thank you, Rabbi Mike. - Andrew and Laura Reiss

Good morning Rabbi Stern, you came to our home after we met you at my sister's home. As an interfaith couple we wanted to bring Shabbat into our home and begin to introduce rituals of Lisa's heritage into our family. From our first meeting Rabbi Mike was able to very quickly have a deep and meaningful conversation with us and completely understood our intentions. When he came to our home he provided us with the perfect amount of guidance and understanding of the Shabbos. He also spent some valuable time speaking alone with my 13 year old son, discussing the nature of happiness vs. pleasure which was a great talk. On the following Shabbat, our family came together and celebrated our very first meaningful and memorable service. We're looking forward to more!
Thank you, Aaron Lee

Thank you for a delightful Challah making experience. I am not sure what I did right or wrong but my Challahs could feed a village. I delivered one last evening to a neighbor, we are eating the second one and the third one will be delivered to my next door neighbors from Israel. I decided to make the double size ones so that the slices would be sandwich size. I thought they were going to rise right out of the oven. They are delicious. You are right about the therapeutic part of challah making.

Denise, you are a delightful person. You are a perfect Mommy, Wife, Life Partner and Rebbetzin. (Not on spell check). In addition to being beautiful, energetic, charming, you are fun to be with. Michael, thank you for the Wally invite but the Redskins take priority over anything. We love your kids and you certainly have a warm and inviting home. Ruth Becker

High Holidays

Sherri Levin - Hi Rabbi Mike- I truly enjoyed Rosh Hashanah- I thought the service was inspirational and I enjoyed the way you explained the meaning of the holidays and didn't just recite the prayers. Your approach in its spirituality has helped re-awaken my love for Judaism! I had not been in a Synagogue for 28 years and my parents almost fainted when I told them! Your program has made me think and feel in a way I have not in a long time and I respect the way you are able to create an atmosphere where people are drawn to analyze the topic in question and approach it from many angles! There is even a psychological component to your vision of Judaism that I can relate to. Thank you for reaching out to the community and helping us get closer to our heritage and past! Inc

Sheri Flamenbaum - Haven’t been to a temple in 30 years”

Amanda Marcus –“Not since I was 5 years old have I been to a service (doesn’t live with her parents)

Craig Hirsch – (Paula at Zale’s son in law-32years old) 1st exposure to High Holidays in a long time

Jamie Riskin in her 30’s – “1st time in a few years that I went to a High Holiday service”

Sara Berkowitz “I used to be bored in synagogue it didn’t’ engage and challenge me”

Ira Greenberg -58 moved 10 years ago – (went to a service at a high school) “hadn’t enjoyed many of the services over the years”

Ann Hyman –“Used to go to traditional services too long”

David Salpeter (fairly young-Tefillin) – “I hadn’t encountered before a belief perspective about God what we wants from/for us on R.H, What is R.H about anyway, how am I supposed to grow from it

Ira Greenberg - Rabbi, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed services on Monday. My wife and I have essentially been without a Temple for quite a few years despite wanting to be a part of a community. We were members in two or three congregations without feeling like were a part of anything.

Myrna Lewis - Dear Rabbi Stern, Thank you for making me feel so welcome and connected at the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services. Your prayers, the Cantor's voice and emotion and the young man blowing the Shofar made my High Holidays felt the emotions I had not felt at other congregations. Thank you again,

Irene Rubin. - Thank you for the accessibility you bring to Judaism. I've had a rather diverse experience with the organized aspect of the religion through the years and your service was the first place I've felt comfortable, connected and proud of my heritage in a long time. Take care,

Gregg Starr I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your Rosh Hashanah services. The manner in which you combined anecdotes and explanations with prayer made the service more meaningful and enjoyable than any other High Holiday services that I have ever attended. You, Yakov, and Canter Lewis make a great team. I am actually looking forward to Yom Kippur.

Linda Baratz – Hit it out of the park –enjoyed it much more this year than last years

David Somberg -27 Elliot Poppers son in law- I learned more than any other service ever

Life – Marriage Counseling - Testimonials

“We want to thank you for all the guidance and counseling you have given to Stephen. As a result of your help he can now go forward with his life at peace and in happiness” Sandy & John Mother and step father of Stephen who was in his early 30’s

Dear Michael. We thank you for your spiritual guidance and everything you and Denise have done for Gershon and Aliza. Their wedding day could not have been more perfect. The joy in their faces and their captivating smiles tell the whole story. Fran & Sid, parents of Gershon who was in his late 20’s

Thank you then for judging me favorably all this time. If it weren’t for your example, I would still be judging the whole world negatively. In my arrogance and intolerance, I have built some ridiculously high standards for myself and others-mostly others. Thank you for changing my focus and opening my eyes to reality. Elicia – (late 20’s)

Thank you for your time this AM, we are grateful for your role in our lives and the continued enlightenment and spiritual guidance. With gratitude, Sara & James Green

Hi Rabbi, I wanted to thank you once again for meeting with Jonathan. He spoke very positively about his meeting with you, told me about his assignments and seems to understand the concepts you discussed. Yeah! I know Israel wasn’t built in one day, but I hope and pray that he starts to make headway toward a new and better life. I so appreciate and am somewhat in awe of the way you have reached out to us and truly can’t thank you enough. Jonathan –mid 20’s

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