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Rabbi Without Walls - Testimonials

Inspiring Lecture/Talks

"Rabbi Stern's talk at our program this Tisha b'Av was one of the most impacting and meaningful presentations we have ever had, the response was tremendous. It's a rare skill to balance intensely emotional material with inspiring and motivational messages, but he nailed it."
Rabbi A.J – Aish N.Y

Only Rabbi Mike can out-do Rabbi Mike. Through his talk he gave us a glimpse into how this already extraordinary and beloved couple uses all their heart, passion and perspective to grapple with a devastating challenge. As powerful a talk as you’ll hear anywhere.
Rabbi Yoel Dovid Zeffren - Philadelphia Community Kollel

You were amazing! I am so happy you were able to come and speak to us. Very powerful and moving! Thank you so much – Talk –“Finding Light in Tragedy” NCSY Boca – R. Eli Zians

Community Educator

Educational Training workshops for - Schools – Organization – Businesses

Rabbi Mike Stern is a powerhouse- with passion, commitment and deep faith he can translate Jewish ideas and values to people of all ages. He is a team player- getting along with all Jews, all ages and is “post-institutional”Rabbi Mike is as comfortable in a JCC, in a Kollel, at an Aish event, or in any synagogue as he is on a basketball court or a Skype screen! Rabbi Mike is the real deal; he relates on a personal basis with people regardless of where they are coming from, or where ever path they are headed. - Ruth Pinkenson Feldman, EdD - Founding Director of An Ethical Start & Previously director of early childhood - Jewish Community Centers of N.A He is able to engage people of all ages including teens, business people and older adults. He is an experienced group leader and educator who has conducted both Board and staff training. His training sessions not only help to educate, but more importantly they inspire and help put into perspective how Torah and Jewish text can provide wisdom for living to even the most assimilated. Rabbi Stern has also incorporated concepts from the world of psychology, including Innate Health among others, to help people meet the vicissitudes of life with confidence and strength.
Marty Schneer – Executive Director –Marlboro, Mass –Jewish Community Center

I write to you in recommendation and praise of Rabbi Michael Stern. I have come to know Rabbi Stern over the last several years and I have come to relay on Rabbi Stern as well. In my capacity as a member of the Judaic Studies faculty, as well as an administrator, Rabbi Stern has often been my first call when I found a need for a moving and passionate speaker that understands how to engage teenagers. When I have been in need of a talented educator to act as a long term substitute, not simply someone to be a warm body in the room, rather someone who can effectively take a curriculum, make it their own and impart knowledge and wisdom to students, Rabbi Stern was my call. When called upon, he answered the call and did so in a way that engaged the students and encouraged their growth and learning.

Rabbi Stern has an ease and personal way with which he engages everyone, colleague and student, with whom he is in contact. He is simultaneously unassuming, non-judgmental and inspiring. In my experience, it is these qualities, and an ability to laugh and have fun with teens that creates just the right recipe for Jewish teen engagement. I wish Rabbi Stern much luck and success, and I value what he contributes to our school's community. Please feel free to contact me directly to speak about how Rabbi Stern can have a similarly positive impact on your community as well. All the best, Sincerely, Rabbi Yaakov Green, MSE - Principal of Judaic Studies - Rosenblatt High School at DKJA

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Light in the Darkest Place - Rabbi Mike Stern
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