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Words Heal

Is Someone You Know Sick or ill?

Do a Kindness for them!

Jewish tradition says that there are 4 ways in which we can show great kindness to one another and positively impact them spiritually even if: you don’t know the person, they don’t know what you did for them or they have passed away. They are: to give charity, do a kindness, pray or study Jewish wisdom (Torah) on their behalf, in their name. It could be said that the “Torah Study” on behalf of another might be the most powerful of them all.

Give us their Name

The Words Heal program focuses on the kindness of Torah Study on behalf of someone who is sick and in need of a complete and speedy recovery. Don’t worry if you don’t understand it, it works, Words Heal! Just give us the name of someone that you know who is sick (preferably theirs and their mother’s Hebrew name) and we will have someone study on their behalf.


Our Words Matter

The “Words Heal” program also focuses upon dramatically improving and impacting the world we live in. The chosen area of Torah study for the Words’ Heal program is Judaism’s laws about; maximizing our awareness and practice of positive, encouraging and loving words and speech and minimizing the use of negative, derogatory words and speech and gossip. This critical area of Torah study that has the greatest potential to have a direct and immediate impact on our: personal and character development, tolerance and respect for others and result in increased: peace, love and unity throughout all precincts of our lives. Voluntary donations appreciated. For more info about Words Heal email


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